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“Sidney has helped me through her Life Coaching with my PTSD and anxiety disorder. She really helped me process and rethink my emotions & anxiety issues. I’ve been almost completely off my meds since doing a series with her.

I now know how to handle those thoughts & emotions differently and to be at a better, more functioning level.”

~ Dyana M.

“Sidney is truly amazing at what she does. She was able to help me get out of my own way and keep an eye on what is ultimately most important to me.

She helped me get in the right frame of mind to execute and achieve everything I ever wanted. I cannot thank you her enough for all the tools she has given me.”

~ Lauren K.

“Sidney is an Earth Shattering coach. Whenever I am in the weeds and overthinking something she has the keen ability to reconnect me with my higher self and my intuition reminding me to look at the big picture.

This supports me to ease my anxiety and refocus on what matters most.”

~ Sara A.

“In life you get to meet a few people who can really change you. For me, Sidney is one of those people. No exaggeration she helped me reach a place that I could not have on my own, though she insists that she was only a mirror of what I already knew to be true.

Being told to feel your feelings might sound simple, but for me it was empowering. I was already bold, but Sidney gave me courage to burn brighter and challenge the misconceptions I had about brokenness, spirituality, money blocks, self-imposed limitations and so much more. I never felt judged, only encouraged and supported which is exactly what I needed.

I will forever be grateful for her impact in my life.”

~ Sarah F.