Episode 15 – Muscle Testing
By Sidney DeCamella
October 20, 2021

I’ve been talking a lot about body autonomy lately and how to take back your power when it comes to your health. Many of the answers we need can be accessed directly from our intuition and subconscious.

Muscle testing is a powerful tool for getting answers from the subconscious; which is where everything you have ever done, seen, heard, felt, experienced, etc. is stored. You can use muscle testing to get information from your body that you cannot access with your conscious mind.

 In this episode, I explain how to use the sway test, which is a really simple (but powerful) form of muscle testing that anyone can use!


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Episode Transcript

Welcome to the My Inner Tiger podcast. I’m your host, Sidney DeCamella. I’m also a wife, mother, master life coach course creator and spiritual Sherpa. Over the past few years, I have overcome extreme anxiety, depression, addiction in fertility and chronic illness. And as a result, I’ve made it my life’s mission to teach other women like you. That no matter what battle you’re up against, you have an inner tiger, a power within to create and manifest whatever your heart desires. If you are tired of being a victim and ready to be boss of your life, you have come to the right place. Each episode, I’m going to share tools, teachings, and techniques I have used and taught countless other women so that together we can create a life beyond our wildest dreams. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your inner tiger is just waiting to be unleashed. I’m so happy. You’ve tuned in. Let’s get started

And I’m back on the mic again. So low excited to be here and excited about what I want to talk about in this episode. So I’m going to dive right in and go into muscle testing. So let me give you a little background as to why I’m talking about this for one, the past few episodes, I’ve been talking a lot about learning to listen to your body, learning, to listen to yourself as it pertains to things that you might need to make decisions for medical purposes, or just decisions in general, for yourself, learning to have body autonomy, learning to step into your own sovereignty and know that at the end of the day, you are the one who knows you best and really being able to learn how to tap into that. And so what I haven’t done a lot of is tell people how I’ve mentioned that you can do this by getting really connected with your source with, through meditation, through gratitude, through prayer.

These are ways of, from a spiritual perspective, to get really in touch with yourself, to strengthen your intuition. There are things you can do, which I have not touched on yet, which I will in later podcasts you can do to strengthen your intuition. Like decalcifying your pineal gland, which is basically the small little gland behind it, or I guess at the back of your, the back of the top of your throat, that helps improve your intuition and just clears the gunk. It helps you really connect to energy outside of yourself. Outside of this 3d reality better, I’ve been doing a lot of this clearing lately working with detox protocols for this. And I’m excited to share that in another podcast. So what I’m trying to say here is there’s lots of things you can do to find this body autonomy.

In this episode, I want to talk about muscle testing. I use muscle testing and I know lots of my mentors and my teachers use a lot of muscle testing for figuring out, you know, what’s right for them. And what’s right within their bodies. Now you can use this for anything like, heck I mean, should I date this guy? Yes or no. Is this guy good for me? Yes or no. You know, should, is this house, is it in my highest and best good to buy this house? I mean, you can use muscle testing for literally anything that you’re trying to do. Big decisions that you’re big or small decisions you’re trying to make in your life. Okay. What I want to talk about is ways to get for me, think ways that I have used muscle testing for making health decisions for myself, as you know, if you have listened to previous episodes, you know, that I was able to get myself off of dialysis and cancel a kidney transplant through, you know, digging into things via alternative medicine and hearing what Western medicine had to say, but then deciding to do a lot of research and go my own way and learn more about healing from a more natural perspective.

And it worked. So here I am to tell the stories, right? So muscle testing, we’re going to cover muscle testing from just the easiest, basic way to do it. There are many different ways to do it, but the way I’m going to share is, is the easiest I think, to learn first, right? It’s called the sway method. So we’ll get into that in just a second, but I want to talk a little bit about our subconscious. So when we’re using muscle testing to get information on that we’re looking for from our bodies, what we’re really doing is we’re looking for this information from our subconscious, okay. Every single thing that we’ve experienced or gone through or done or felt or heard or said in our lives is all stored in our subconscious, our subconscious runs everything. Okay. Our conscious brain is basically just doing and thinking and acting on things that are right in front of us, right there in the moment.

You know, it helps us kind of make decisions and be human. But if you think of it as like an iceberg, right, you’ve all seen the pictures of the iceberg. So if you’re looking at, from the view of the top of the water, you might see, you know, this big iceberg and you’re like, well, it’s a big iceberg, but if you could see what’s underneath the water, it’s like 500 times bigger, right? That’s how our subconscious works. It runs everything. Our subconscious does all the functions in our body. It makes us work. It makes our digestion work. It beats our heart. It is our conscious brain telling our body to do what it naturally does without us consciously having to think about it. Okay. So everything is stored in our subconscious. And I’ll tell you, I’m reading a book called the emotion code. If you heard a couple episodes back, I did, I did another podcast where I interviewed Becky Graff.

She’s a body code slash emotion code practitioner. I’ve been doing this modality myself for, you know, years now. And I’m such a huge fan of it. And I’m actually in the process of getting certified for it myself. So in that process, I’m reading the emotion code and a lot of how it works is through muscle testing. And so emotion code goes in and finds trapped emotions in your body and basically releases them. So if you want to learn more about that, go listen to the body code episode that I did a few weeks ago. But anyway, that’s why I’m really into muscle testing right now. I’ve been doing muscle testing for a while, but I’ll be learning how to do more, more in depth methods. So I just want to talk a little bit about something you can learn to do right here right now, today as you’re listening to this podcast.

Okay? So that’s how our subconscious works. Everything in our body is really run by our subconscious. So if we need answers about something that’s good and right for our body, our subconscious knows the answer. Okay? Our conscious brain, don’t even trust that. You know, for some things you can trust your conscious brain, but not a lot. Your subconscious is where all of everything is really stored in case. So we can really rely on our subconscious brain. So think about this. All organisms respond to light and dark, right? So if you look at a flower, a flower is always going to be aiming toward the light, wherever the sun is, the flower is going to move toward the light. That is true for all organisms. That’s true for us. If you think about how, if we’re standing in front of a very positive person and a very negative person, who are we going to be more drawn to?

We’re going to be more drawn to the positive person. Everything we are just naturally inclined. All organisms, all living things are naturally inclined to move toward the light and away from the darkness. Okay. We could spend hours talking about that. But with that being said, this sway test, okay. The muscle testing sway test. What you do is you stand up and you relax your body completely. You’ll recognize that when you make a positive statement within 10 seconds or less, your body will likely move forward. Okay? So if you say, for example, if you, if you get really quiet, calm your body, really zone out your mind, try to get your, let your thoughts pass by and just think solely about unconditional love. How does that feel in your body? Just let yourself immerse yourself in the way that feels. You will notice you are naturally going to sway forward because it’s a positive charge.

It’s more toward the light. Okay? That’s what your body’s naturally going to do. If you sit there, clear your mind again, and you close your eyes, if you want to, and you think about something negative like anger. So if you start really marinating on anger, you’ll notice your body will start to move backwards or war or something really negative. You will notice you’ll start to move backwards. So it’s just our body’s natural way of gravitating towards something more positive and being repulsed by something more negative and going backwards. Okay. So if you’re going to do the sway test, you can start by testing. First of all, do what I just said. Really test and see if your body’s reacting that way, make sure that you’re moving forward and backward and it can take practice, you know, and lots of times people will get in their head.

I did in the beginning and think, oh, I’m just thinking about it. So I’m moving this direction, you know, don’t overthink it. You got to learn to trust your body. And that takes time. Okay? But once you get the hang of this, once you practice it a few times, you’ll start to really learn that it’s true and it works and you can always rely on it. So what I do is I always start by saying, when I get myself very calm, since I’ve done this a million times, I start by saying, my name is Sidney. This is just a test. So if the answer is, yes, I will move forward. I will sway forward. If the answer is no, I will move backwards. Okay. Then I try it again with something that’s not my name. And I’m like, you know, my name is Sarah.

If my name is not Sarah, which it’s not, I will most likely move backwards. Now, if you recognize that you’re not getting anywhere, like if you’re doing this test and you say your name is Sarah, when your name is Sydney and you actually move forward, then I would recommend just sitting down and meditating for a minute. Getting your mind really clear. You probably are just really stuck in your head and that’s normal at first, but, or maybe just come back to it when it’s, when you’re in a place where you can really be calm and centered. And you’re able to just let your thoughts go away. For example, this might not work. If you can’t get your thoughts to go away, for example. So let’s say you say, my name is Sydney and you can’t stop thinking about the argument that you just had with your husband, right?

So you’re like, my name is Sydney, but yet your brain is still thinking about the argument that you have with your husband. You are likely going to move backwards because it’s the negative charge. That’s really the priority in your brain. At that moment, you can say, my name is Sidney, but if you’re still attached to that emotion and that feeling that you had with the argument with whoever, then you might be swaying backwards. So I always like to do a couple tests and I say, my name is Sidney. My name is something else. Make sure it’s working. And I love when I get a good, strong sway, like a strong forward or a strong backwards, or you can also say like, please show me Yes. And you should move forward. Please show me no, and then you should move backwards. You can either stand with your arms straight beside your body, like hanging straight down.

Or I always crossed them over my chest. You know, like I’m laying in my coffin or something. I’m just kidding. I don’t know what that was all about. But you know, just with your hands crossed over your chest like you’re going to do a trust fall or something. So anyway, that’s how you do this, this way. Test. Those are the details. So you can use this for basically anything. So, you know, with me, I’m learning the body code, the emotion code right now. And, and you can, I can ask myself, you know, do I have a trapped emotion? Yes or no likely. I mean, we all do, so likely I’m going to have, that’s going to be yes, but I can say something more specific, like am I having this headache because of a trapped emotion? And then you’d see, you know, if it falls forward or backwards and then I could work from there.

And that’s how I will end up working with clients. When I get certified in this emotion code, modality is you do muscle testing only. It’s when you’re doing this just a side note, when you’re doing muscle testing through body code, it’s not this sway test. There’s a different way to do it. But either way, this, again, this way test is the easiest and best way to learn first. But you can ask anything like, you know, I’ve asked a million questions as it’s related to my health in the last two years. And it’s really helped to guide my body and heal on its own. So for example, you know, is this pill right for me? Should I take this pill? I remember for a long time I was taking a blood pressure medicine because I needed it initially when I got sick and I was in the hospital, but then I had this intuition feeling like maybe I don’t need this blood pressure pill anymore.

And so I did a muscle test, a sway test and asked if I should stop the medicine. And I got a yes, and I just stopped it. And my blood pressure has been absolutely perfect ever since. So, I mean, this is what I’m saying. Like, if you would have asked my conscious mind, my conscious mind would have been like, I don’t know. Let me ask my doctor. My doctor would have said, yes, keep taking it because she’s always saying, but my body, my subconscious knew I didn’t need it anymore. So I just stopped it. Now that’s a pretty bold move for a lot of people that I’m not a doctor. I’m not telling you to stop your medicine. But I am saying that this works so you can learn in baby steps, start taking baby steps and testing it with little things to make sure you feel comfortable with knowing that this works.

And eventually you’ll come to a place like me where you really, really, really trust it. And you can ask anything, right? So I’ve asked, is this treatment right for me? Is this test right for me? Is this what I like to also say is, is this, you know, if it’s a CT scan, is this CT scan in my highest and best good right now? Yes or no. Right. I asked about the COVID-19 vaccine. Is this vaccine good for me? Is this bad vaccine in my highest and best good? And my answer was no, we’re all going to be different, right? I’m not saying that that goes for everybody. That just goes for me. So it’s really, you know, I’ve talked so much about sovereignty and body autonomy, and it’s like, you know, that might really trigger some people, like, I don’t know how to ask my body anything.

This is one majorly powerful way. You can learn to ask your body what it needs, what it wants, what’s best for it. Right. And I’ve seriously, you can use this for any question that you have, the options are endless. So I want to challenge you to, you know, after you’re done listening to this, whenever you can get yourself in a quiet place, in a quiet position, try this out, I’m excited to know how it works for you. And please share this podcast with anyone that, you know, that could use this technique. It is very, very powerful, as I said before, and I can’t wait to hear your experience with it. All right. Another thing that you can do when you’re looking to see if you should take a supplement, okay. You can ask your body if this supplement is right for me, and you can hold the supplement in your hand.

Okay. For example, I just recently started taking chaga mushrooms and the pill form, and I would hold the pill, the bottle in my hand and say, is it in my highest and best good to take these chaga mushrooms? And I would get a yes or no. And so of course I got a yes and I started taking them. But that’s another thing you can do to get, you know, extra specific is actually holding the different thing. Sometimes I’ll do that with teabags as well. So I’ll hold like a teabag and say, is it in my highest and best good to drink this tea and then ask it again, is it, you know, for the different tea. You can do this with different things. This is so important when you’re really going out on your own and trying to heal your body.

Because like, for example, with me, there’s a billion supplements out there that would seem to be be great for me. Right. But there’s so many different things that might not be good for kidneys, specifically. So someone in kidney failure, you know, it might not be good to take chaga mushrooms. Everything digests in different places. Things filter through your liver or your kidneys. And there’s just so many different things to consider. So not everything is right for everybody. Again, our chemistry is all different. So, you know, it’s just really important to have this, this tool in your tool belt, to be able to use muscle testing, to make sure that your body is telling you what you need and what you don’t need. It’s the most accurate information you’re going to get. As long as you’re comfortable with knowing that you’re doing it right.

It’s most accurate. Now, many doctors would probably yell at me for saying that because that’s not the way they’re trained and what they know, but I’ve done a lot of research. I’ve read a lot of stuff. I fully believe. It’s just my opinion that this is the best. This is asking your subconscious which knows so much more than anyone. It knows better than anyone outside of you. Okay. So such, again, such a powerful tool to have in your toolbox and to give you just so much more peace and comfort that you’re doing the right things without just winging it and trusting others. Right. Okay. That’s all I have to say. Thanks guys. I will catch you soon.

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