Episode 8 – Power Of Vision
By Sidney DeCamella
September 01, 2021

Vision is everything! In this Podcast, Vision Queen, Sara Armstrong and I discuss how you can manifest almost anything when you get crystal clear on what it actually looks like. I have multiple vision boards on the walls in my office and nearly all of them have come to life in just over 1 year! This powerful episode dives deep into the power of vision and how to work with it. 

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to the My Inner Tiger podcast. I’m your host Sidney DeCamella. I’m also a wife, mother master life coach, course creator and spiritual Sherpa. Over the past few years, I have overcome extreme anxiety, depression, addiction, infertility and chronic illness. And as a result, I’ve made it my life’s mission to teach other women like you that no matter what battle you’re up against, you have an inner tiger, a power within to create and manifest whatever your heart desires. If you are tired of being a victim and ready to be boss of your life, you have come to the right place. Each episode, I’m going to share tools, teachings, and techniques I have used and taught to countless other women so that together we can create a life beyond our wildest dreams. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your inner tiger is just waiting to be unleashed. I’m so happy you’ve tuned in. Let’s get started.


Hello, and welcome back to the My Inner Tiger podcast. I am super excited about today’s episode. I have one of my best friends, Sara Armstrong with us today. Sara and I met in coaching school. We both became life coaches at the same time, and it was like an instant connection. And since then we talk almost every single day. I mean really every single day. And we just got back from a vacation together and we are definitely soul sisters. The reason I really wanted to bring her on this episode is because Sara is who I would consider to be a vision queen. And vision is such a huge part of the healing process for anyone. And it’s such a huge part of manifesting anything that you want to bring into your life. And so Sara has created an entire company called Vision of View. She also has Idea View, but I’ll let her talk more about that in a second. She’s created this company called Vision of View, where she leads people through how to create a vision for their future and for their lives, which will ultimately guide you toward manifesting all of your dreams and everything that you want to bring in your life. So I have been through her vision board workshop. I did it when I was early in my healing journey. And I can tell you right now, I’m looking at my vision board that I created in that workshop. And almost every single thing on that board has come true. And it’s just so funny to me, the power of how that works. I have other things hanging up on the walls in my office that I’m looking at right now, actually three different other things I’m going to talk about later that I have also manifested into my life. It’s just so huge and so powerful and deserves a lot of attention. So I want to introduce Sara Armstrong. And so Sara, if you could tell us a little bit about your background, how you came into working with vision and I’ll let you take it from here.


Thank you so much, Sidney. I am just thrilled to be invited onto your podcast. This is a vision come true for me, for sure. And I’m going to come back to that. So hi everyone. I’m Sara. I am, Sidney’s tried and true soul sister. When she says we had an instant connection, I mean, it was instantaneous. Just incredible. So I’m just so proud of her and everything that she has accomplished and built and healed and created. I could go on and on. But that’s not what we’re here for. Right. So Sidney, thanks again for having me. I am Sara Armstrong. I am what I consider to be a vision transformation architect. A lot of people do refer to me as the vision queen. And I’ll tell you a little bit about how I got there. So like Sidney said, we met in coaching school, which was back in 2018 is when we went through that.

A few years prior to that, I was in a thriving sales career in the medical diagnostics industry. And one thing that I realized a few years prior to that coaching school was I needed to create impact on a deeper level. What I was doing, the testing I was selling was extremely important. I was in prenatal genetics. I was in mental health. I was bringing, you know, all kinds of great information and insight to doctors to help heal their patients. But I leveraged this. I could always see my success. I could always see myself as being successful. And what I realized though in that was although I was thriving in my career, there was something still missing. And after doing a lot of my own soul searching a lot of my own work, I realized that I was called to create an impact on a deeper level.

I heeded the call. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t really know exactly what it looked like, but I just started taking steps forward, which ultimately ended up with me being like, I’m going to fast forward into the coaching program with Sidney. And even when I went through that, I knew, I knew, like I knew, what I wanted my life to look like. And one of the things that was really powerful for us when we started in coaching school was I think one of the first days of the program, we created a five-year vision and I wrote out all these amazing things of what I wanted to experience and every single one of those started like coming true. And so this was a five-year vision, but it actually started happening closer to more of like a year.

So vision has always been something that’s very, very powerful for me. As I was coming out of coaching school and starting my own coaching practice, I wanted to support other men and other women that, you know, had made it, like I had made it in my career. But I knew there was more for me to do so I wanted to support them to step into that. And so I started Idea View coaching and one of the pivotal pieces of my coaching practice on how I was, you know, introducing myself to clients became through a vision workshop that I facilitated. And so I started doing these vision workshops and it became extremely impactful because though the unique way that I walk you through this process is you can come to this, not having a clue what it is that you want to create, but when you leave this workshop, when you leave the time with me, when you leave this experience, you’re crystal clear, it becomes crystal crystal clear.

And so I think we’ll get into a little bit more of this as we talk today, Sidney, but that’s kind of like really where I’ve been, where I’ve come from.  I’ve really put everything my heart and soul into what I started out as idea of coaching, but what it’s actually morphed into is becoming a, more of a focus on vision of you because everything starts with a vision. And I believe that my mission and my purpose here on this planet is to truly awaken the world through the power of it.


Oh my God. Beautiful. So beautifully said, my friend you are so spot on that. Everything starts with a vision and very early on in my healing journey. I really, I recognized that. And I really started focusing on what it would look like when I was healed, what I would be doing, how I would be acting, what does that feel like? Who would I be when that occurs? Right. And when I would do lots of my meditations, I would spend so much time just visualizing and visualizing my future self.  And it’s so funny, I have this exact visualization picture like that. I go back to every time it’s like me, I’m in some cabin. I don’t know where  this originated, but I always go back to it. It’s future me in a cabin with this like Navy blue blazer in a white shirt underneath.

And like these jeans and my hair’s a little shorter than it is now. And it’s a little darker than it is now, but I’m like, just so together. I’m so healed. I’m so happy. It’s almost like I just got done speaking in an event. Like that’s the vibe.  And I can just see so perfectly. And it’s right before Sara and I started recording this call. I recently signed up for stitch fix. Okay. Because I really need to upgrade my wardrobe. I’m quite aware. And so I just got my second shipment in and lo and behold, the exact blazer that I am wearing in my vision came in this stitch fix, this vision of me that I always go back to, is this exact blazer, it’s the exact thing. And a white shirt to go underneath it. You guys crazy, crazy. So I’m just telling you that this vision, the power of vision, and when you set your intention, you get really crystal clear on what it is that you want to bring into your life and what you want to manifest. It will come to you. I am living proof of this. I promise you that it works. And it’s just so fascinating. So that’s just one small piece of, you know, one small little piece of, of my passion for vision, right.


I got to jump in on that too Sidney, because, you know, you mentioned when we first started that we just got back from vacation together and we were at a cabin in the woods holding our own personal private retreat. And I think you just foreshadowed a future of the two of us partnering on a retreat. Where are you here? You know, we’re, we’re going to co-create that. So there is no doubt in my mind that, you know, our future, our future selves are going to be together in some capacity, holding some type of of a retreat and a cabin in the woods. So stay tuned for that.


Got it. Absolutely. Here’s, here’s the evidence. So here we go. So Sara, there’s this story and I, I just love this story when  I heard you talk about it one time in one of your workshops and it’s about the swimmer. And I just, before I forget to ask you to tell this story, if you could just, it’s such a great, beautiful example of the power of vision and how much it affects your success and in manifesting whatever you are going for in your life. So if you could tell the story about the swimmer plate, please just, just take it away.


So the swimmer, the famous swimmer, her name is Florence Chadwick. She was born in 1918 and passed in 1995. And in the 1950s. So, so Florence Chadwick, I mean, think about this, right? Like she was born in 1918. So she was, she was from the age of six, like all in 120% all in on swimming. Her story is incredible. You’re going to have to Google her because could tell you the whole thing, but that’d be the whole podcast. But then, then the, the nitty-gritty to what Sidney is alluding to, and this is what I share a lot of times, you know, in, in my workshops. And my speaking is she just has this incredible story. So she was one of the few women that swam the English channel both like to France and back. And that is an incredible story in and of itself.

But what I really find from Florence as just such an incredible story is her swim from Catalina island to the California coast. And so in 1952 Florence is basically a masterful swimmer, but in swim, the English channel and then comes home and is like, you know what? I think I want to swim from Catalina island to the California coast. Right. So, okay. So this is 21 miles of open water and it’s shark infested. It’s cold. It’s foggy, like all the right, like there’s all the things. So on July 4th, 1952, the water’s cold, there’s dense fog. There’s sharks, she’s swimming alongside her team, right? Like there’s a, they’re in a boat and she’s swimming alongside the boat. Like the boat is literally there. They’re firing off gunshots to get the sharks to stay away from her. Like, this is insane.

She was in the water for 15 hours and she said, pull me out. I can’t make it. I’m done. Get me out. Like I call it, I can’t go any further. And she gets out of the water and she gets in the boat and she finds out, she’s only like two, maybe three miles from the shore. She was right there. She was so close. She was so close. And so fast forward a couple months, she attempts to swim again in September of 1952 exact same conditions. The water’s freezing cold. There’s dense fog, again, her team is fighting off sharks, you know, like firing off gunshots to keep the sharks away from her. She can’t see, she can’t see the shoreline. She can’t see anything in front of her, but in September of 1952, she finished the swim in less than 15 hours, she finished the 21 mile swim in under 13 hours now, the first time she quit after 15, when she was only a couple of miles from the shore.

And so everybody’s like Florence, what’s the difference? Like what happened? How come you weren’t able to do this back in July, but now it’s September. And you did it in less time with the same conditions. And her response is just like, gives me chills her responses. I just kept visioning the shoreline. Every time I wanted to quit, I kept envisioning myself reaching that my toes in the sand, I envisioned what the coast looked like. I envisioned myself getting out of the water, being surrounded by my team. I just kept my focus on the shoreline. And that is what, not only did she finish it, but she finished it in less time, like such amazing success for her. And I love this quote from Florence as well. And she says many people quit a dream on the brink of its realization. It’s when the challenges feel most daunting that we’re often closer to our destination than we feel ourselves should be.

And that’s when we give up is we’re often just, you know, two miles from the shore when, if we would just keep going, we’d make it. And I think that that is such a beautiful story that really illustrates the power of vision because when she went after it that second time, I mean, this is a woman. Like she could have done it easily. Like she swam the English channel for God’s sake with like shipping barges, like dodging her and all that other stuff like her dodging them really. Cause they’re so massive. But she had to have that focus. She had to have that vision. She had to like, see it, smell it, feel it like live it into being. And when she did that and she followed through on the action steps to make it happen, she reached her goals in record time.


Yes. Love that story. It’s so perfect. And so true. And it’s really so true. I mean, I, I listen to podcasts or podcasts after book, after YouTube video, whatever I listen to any and everything that comes my way, honestly, when it comes to healing and motivational speaking and, you know, starting a business and being successful, like all that, all that stuff and what everyone always says, same pattern is people give up right before they hit right before they hit it, like right before. They’re about to hit that breaking point right before they’re about to hit their dream and their goal. They quit right before because they think they can’t do it. And so I just think that that piece of the vision is so important to getting you past that last little bit. Like if you can sit there and if you can put your vision on that board, put it right in front of you.

When you look at it every single day, you don’t have to obsess over it every single day. Like, I don’t look at my vision board every single day, but if you just know that it’s in your future, you put it up there, you declare it, you know, that what you’re asking for and what you want and what you’re, you’re going after is going to happen without a doubt it’s going to happen. It just will that vision envisioning that in like really sealing it in your mind and in your subconscious that Hey, this is what is going to happen, then that’s how you manifest. Like that’s the law of attraction right there.


Right. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And there’s a difference between how people think about vision boards, right. And they’re like, oh yeah, I know how to cut things out of a magazine and, you know, slap them on some paper and put it up on the wall. But that isn’t the way that you manifest it. Through the process  I’ve created, that I’ve developed, Sidney that you’ve experienced is we’re visualizing your future self we’re visualizing everything that’s possible for you and then, and only then do we get the magazines out? Like you have to connect with it on that mental, spiritual, physical level before you ever go into the magazines and start putting like the pictures together. Because one thing that I know, and I, I preach this, but is God source universe, Buddha, whoever it is that you resonate with, whatever you call that higher power, I’m just going to go with God for today.

God does not give you an idea or a thought if he, she didn’t think that you could do it. So Sidney, God wouldn’t have given you this concept, this idea that you can heal your body. If you couldn’t do it, you know, it’s like why I don’t sell computers because that’s not what my purpose is. You know what I mean? Like, God didn’t give me that idea. So that’s not on my radar. So I am a firm firm believer in God gives you the idea and it’s up to you to bring it into fruition. We can talk more about how we do that as well, but any, and that’s, I mean, again, like I will just preach till, you know, all day long, but if you have an idea on your heart and something in you was saying, oh my gosh, wouldn’t it be great if I did (insert whatever that is) or wouldn’t it be great if I could… you absolutely, 100% can. And if you believe in it, and if you commit to it every single day, you absolutely can make it happen.


Yes. A hundred percent. That’s so true. And another thing that, that brings me to remember how I wanted to have a baby so bad. I mean, you guys, I, my life was completely consumed for years about having a baby, my husband and I just really wanted to start a family. And I struggled with infertility for years, as you would find out, if you listen to episode two of this podcast, it’s it was just really, really on my heart. And I came to a point after lots of pain and agony and wondering like, God, is this going to happen for me of just finally realizing like, if I want to be a mom, I’m going to be a mom in one way or another. It wasn’t just put on my heart for no reason. And it was a big aha for me when I was like, you know what, God, doesn’t give you these big dreams and these big ideas just to have them ripped away.


Right. So I believe, it may not always look like you want it to look like the path to get there. But if you have this desire and this dream on your heart, it is meant for you. You just have to tap in to your inner guidance and your strength and your willpower to figure out how to get there. Right? Get in alignment with who you are, get in alignment with your higher self, really set that vision for what you want. And then just daily get into alignment with what that is and who that is and be who that person is that has what you want. That’s the other key is like, be, do have, right. Who would you be if you had what you wanted step into that being of that person, then do the things and then you’ll have the things right?


Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.  I’m looking at my vision board right now. And one of the things that I had on my vision board was speaking engagements. Like I wanted to be on stages, right? Well that wasn’t possible in 2020, like that wasn’t happening. The whole world shut down as we all know, but I still have that as part of my vision. And what’s really unique and interesting is last year I had more speaking engagements because of the shutdown than I ever could have imagined. And it, and it was, I was still on a stage. I mean, like I still was, you know, presenting to mass numbers of people. It just looked a little bit different. It just wasn’t this woman, you know, standing in front of this big sign with a microphone in her hand, instead it was me sitting behind a desk, you know video-conferencing out to people still the same feeling, still the same, you know, impact and level of service and, and amazing euphoria afterwards, but it looked different. So again, like your vision is so important, it’s so important for you to cast the vision, but then also to surrender and just allow it to unfold and the way that it’s meant to unfold for you. And it might not look exactly like what you have, you know, on your vision board. But if you really like spend the time and look at it, you’re gonna find that it’s, it’s exactly what it needed to be for you at that exact moment.


Totally, and I wanted to say to Sidney about connecting with the vision board is I’m a firm believer in really being intentional and looking at it every day. The trick with vision boards is your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and make believe. It doesn’t know the difference, right. Which is exactly why when we go to the movies we can get so sucked into a movie or a TV show and you are like in it with them, right. You’re feeling the same emotions. You’re feeling the same fear as they’re being chased or you’re crying the same tears as their hearts are breaking, or you’re feeling that same euphoric excitement that they’ve reached their goals.

Like it’s because your brain doesn’t know that that is something fake on a screen, you know, that was made in Hollywood. It thinks in that moment in time that this is the actual reality that’s this is what’s going on, which is why, like so many of us, I mean, I don’t know, you know, if any of you are like Bridgehampton fans, but as I was watching that series, I kept thinking like, what are they going to get together? And like, what about this person? And what about that person? And then there’s this conflict and like, how’s that going to play out? Like, it’s a fake show. Why am I thinking about this? You know, but it’s because my brain didn’t realize that it was like, yes, at the, you know, at the intellectual conscious level, I get that it’s not real. Right. But at that subconscious level, it does, there’s no difference.

So this is why I’m going to bring this full circle here. This is why it is so important for you to get in touch with the vision, to believe in it. And to allow yourself to tap into all five senses, to see it, to feel it, to taste it, to touch it, to smell it, right. Like to smell who you are in that vision. And then you can create  that picture of it, like in your vision board, and as you connect with that every day, your brain starts to  get laser focused on, okay, this is what we’re doing. This is who we are. This is what we’re looking for. So it starts to filter out all the things that are not in alignment with that vision. And an easy way to do that is put the vision board in your bathroom. And when you’re brushing your teeth, you’re doing that for two minutes every day, just allow yourself to get lost and daydreaming as you’re brushing your teeth, like, what would it be like to be in that vision? Like what would I feel like, what would I be doing? Who would be with me? How amazing is it? I’m so grateful that I’m living this out. Right? Do that when you start your day in the morning, and then again, before you go to bed at night,


Love it. Absolutely. That reminds me of a couple of things. So I’m sitting here recording this at my desk, as I’m looking at those three things that I was talking about earlier in the podcast. Let me just tell you what those are. So I have this one, you know, the big, like two foot by two footish post-its that you can like postage post-its. Yeah. Like the huge one. I have one written up here on my office wall that says goal: get one course up and running, identify my who and create that product. You guys, my course is up and running! I mean, if you would’ve asked me about a month before I put that up on my wall, if I thought I would ever, you know, be like awesome enough to have created a course to sell  the world, or if I would ever have had enough time or energy to do that, I would have laughed.

But I started pouring myself into being around others who had done it and taking little courses on how to do it. And just one little step at a time, step at a time, step at a time, got me up to thinking like guests. This is really what I want for my life. And I remember when I wrote that, I remember thinking, man, that would be so awesome if this came true, I’m not so sure I have what it takes. Like I’m sick. Cause at the time I was really sick when I wrote it, I’m sick. I’m you know, I’ve got a baby. I’m not worthy. No one wants to hear what I have to say. I don’t know enough. I don’t have enough information. Well, guess what? Those were all just my limiting beliefs getting in my way, which I have worked through between now and then, and here I am, I have an entire course.

I have an entire brand. I have a podcast, I have a website. Like I have all of it. I have all the things I wanted that would get me to that goal. And that’s been sitting up there for over a year now. Right. So that’s just proof that you put it out there and you see it all the time, your brain, he doesn’t know the difference. Oh, that’s what you want. Okay, cool. It’s going to happen. That doesn’t happen overnight. No, it’s baby step, baby step. And then it’s really kind of like, you know, sitting where I am right now. It’s kind of like looking back and like, how the heck did I get here? I don’t even remember how I got here because every day I just took one small step at a time. So that’s the one thing I have. The second thing I have is this little picture I drew one time.

I think it was like in a full moon ceremony. When we were setting our intention and setting our vision for what we wanted to manifest and I said, draw a picture. So I drew a picture. Yeah, you were on that call, right Sara. Oh, I have a little stick figure too. Yeah. So I drew this little stick figure person of a little of me clicking her heels, their hands up in the air. And I have this light coming, this yellow light shining out of my kidneys. So what that means to me is that my kidneys just being lit up with light, like totally fully healed and above my head, I have like this little crown chakra visualization. What that means is that I’m totally connected to source. I’m totally connected to my higher self. I’m just totally in tune and in alignment.

And therefore my kidneys are totally healing. And I drew all that when I was still on dialysis, when I was still in need of a kidney transplant. And here I am today, don’t need any of those things. The third thing I have on my wall is my daily manifesto. Now this is something I’ve created that you can actually download yourself online. If you go to myinnertiger.com/manifestation. This is just a list of all of these affirmations that I’ve found really powerful for who I really want to be and what I really want to believe about myself to get me to a place of pure peace and full of self-confidence just to plunge me forward in my life. I look at it every single day and I have one right in front of me right now at my office and I have one in front of my toilet. So that’s available for you to download as well, but these are the things, the same thing as my vision board, my vision board also sits right in front of me at my desk every single day. And all of these things have come true. Not one of them. Hasn’t the only thing that hasn’t yet is this big, big, beautiful house I still have on my vision board, but I’m completely confident that that’s coming. I have zero doubt. You know, it’s not a matter of how it’s a matter of when.


Absolutely. And, and, you know, I want to point out too, what you’ve done by setting yourself up with the placement of those of those things, your manifesto, your vision board, your, your healed self with the light coming through your kidneys is, and, and you creating that course, your giant post-it  those are all things that are front and center for where you are spending time each and every day, because you walk, you’re either walking through your office each and every day, or you’re sitting at that desk each and every day. And what happens there is the focus. You have unrelenting focus on those things because you have strategically placed them right in your line of sight. And what we learned from our big friend, Tony Robbins, is where your focus goes, your energy flows. So even if you don’t, even if you are feeling like, gosh, I haven’t really done much on my goal to create my course, you’re still doing it because again, your subconscious mind has that. It has that in the queue. And it’s thinking, even though you’re not consciously understanding what’s going on with it, it still has that in its line of sight, it’s in the queue and it’s programming itself to make that happen, which is why, just to your point, Sidney, like you look back and you’re like, I have no idea how I even got here, but all I know is I just kept taking a step and another step and another step. And lo and behold, that path, those steps all added up to me, sitting in my vision right now. It has become reality.


Yeah. Sara, tell us about your vision board and your vision board workshops. So, Sara, I just want to brag a little bit about her here. She has created the most beautiful “Vision of You”. What’s vision of you, but I think it’s vision board in a box, or I’ll let her tell you what exactly it’s called in a second, but this is the course I took online. You can do it yourself. It doesn’t have to be like at a set time. She’s since created these beautiful boxes with an online program, you can do it, go at your own pace and do it at home by herself. It’s creating this masterful vision and it’s got all the tools that you need to create a vision board, like every single thing down to like the glue and the scissors. Okay. The magazines, all of it, all of it. It’s awesome. But what’s most spectacular is the process that she leads you through for creating the vision. So when I put together this vision board with her in this program, she created, it was not just me clipping out magazines. It was me getting crystal clear on what it is I wanted to manifest in my life and her process for doing that was absolutely stunning. Sara, I want you to talk a little bit about the box and and how people can get this amazing box.


Okay. Yeah. Thanks. So the box was actually my COVID project. At the beginning of 2020, I was doing these in-person vision workshops like crazy. I mean, I was doing them one after another, after another. And in person though, I was kind of limited, right. Because I could only, have a set number of people,  and a set venue. And I started thinking like, okay, I need, I need to make a bigger impact here. Like, how am I going to bring this to more people? And then I was like, okay, I need to go virtual. But then I’m like, how do I make that happen? Right. So lo and behold, the world shuts down and I had already had a prototype for this idea, but I created a vision board and a box toolkit. And it is the Vision of You Vision Board in a Box Toolkit.

And it has absolutely everything that you need to create your powerful vision. And in 2020 it was so divinely timed that I had these boxes created and they got refined and refined and refined. I mean, it started out as, you know, just a plain cardboard box with some stuff inside. I evolved it into something I’m actually really proud of. They’re like my tiny little babies. But it’s a beautifully branded box inside and out it’s classic design. It has everything that you need inside of it, like Sidney said to create your vision. And when I say everything, I mean, everything. Like, I want this to be a turnkey experience for you. I don’t want you to have to question like, well, where do I have my scissors? And do I have enough glue or not? I can’t do this because I have to go to the store because I’ve got to find this exact magazine, you know, all that stuff. I’ve taken all the guesswork out. And I think that that’s one thing I guess, really that I’m, this actually is just coming up for me is I’m kind of like all about the all-inclusive like, come with me and I will do all the hard work for you. And all you have to do is show up. So within these kits, I have made it simple for you through a three-step process for you to dream, align and design your powerful future so that you can become your true self. And inside these boxes includes not only all the supplies I’m talking, magazines, frames, scissors, glue and the workbook is included. That goes along with an on-demand course, like Sidney said an on-demand course that you can do in the privacy of your own home that you can do with your best girlfriends.

You know, you can do this whenever, all you need is a computer. And you are guided start to finish on exactly how to dream and dream big, and then how to align yourself to step into that vision, into that dream. And then you get to design the powerful vision that you’re going to connect with every single day. And I teach you all of these things step by step, start to finish. And these boxes are available on my website@ visionofyou.com. And I’d love for you guys to check them out.


So, yes, I absolutely agree. These boxes are incredible. So go to her website, take a look and absolutely place an order. If you feel like you’re ready to create that amazing, perfect vision board for you, there’s also something else on your website that people can find. Tell us more about that, Sara.



If you feel like you’re not ready to commit to creating the vision, that’s fine too. Just download Discover Your North Star. It is a completely free download, my gift to you of how to gain clarity on what your strengths are, what your purpose is and where you have potential impact for your future. So it truly connects you with what your north star is. And the reason why I called it north star is because the north star is what truly guides us. We can always connect with the north star. It’s always there. It’s always a point of reference for us. And that’s what I believe your vision can be for you is that guiding light, that guiding star that is always taking you into your full truest potential for your life. And you can find that also at visionofyou.com.


Yeah. And tell really quick, Sara, the story about the north star from Harriet Tubman.


Yeah. During the days of slavery, and they were escaping to freedom on the underground railroad Harriet Tubman was a just massive force in that movement and in that, you know, that incredible, incredible journey to freedom. And so what ended up happening is because they didn’t have maps or many couldn’t read, but they would follow the north star. They just knew go north, like go north. But how do you know when you’re on the right path? If you don’t even have a compass, right. Well, they started sharing out like follow the north star, just follow the north star. It’s going to be the brightest star in the sky. So that became their guiding light and their guiding force throughout the underground railroad movement of follow the north star. The north star is your guiding light to freedom. And that is something that Harriet Tubman talks about over and over and over. And so again, I just find it so powerful that there is this light that is always available to us that has been available to us for centuries. And when we can tap into that and when we can connect with it, absolutely anything is possible for us. Absolutely. Anything Mike drop.


That’s awesome. I love that story. Yeah. All right. Well that kind of wraps it up for me, Sara. Anything else you want to add on this awesome topic about vision?


Oh, I could go on and on about vision, but I’m going to reiterate that God gives you a vision and an idea for a reason, and we need you. We need you, yes. You listening to this now to step up and live into that vision because we need your light and we need you to shine it right now, more than ever as bright as you possibly can. And it is my mission. It’s Sidney’s mission. We are here to support you every step of the way. So please, please live into it please. And Sidney, I’m just so honored and humbled to be a part of this. And, you know, actually let me share this because I said at the beginning, I was going to, do you remember that day? Back, this was back in lockdown before you started everything and Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa were on TV and I texted you.

And I was like, oh my God, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are doing a zoom call and they’re connecting and they’re interviewing this other person. And I was like, that’s going to be us. We’re going to be doing that someday. And here we are completely and totally living that out. I was like I know you’re going to have a podcast one day and I’m going to be on it. I’m going to be one of your first guests. And I think we have now made that reality. I felt so silly sending that to you. But this is how simple these visions can be. You know, I think Sidney, you and I call them downloads, but I had this download just in this moment of me walking by a TV like, I don’t even know why, I don’t even watch TV. I don’t even know why I had it on, but in this moment I had this flash, this future forward vision of this is what Sidney and I are going to be doing, and we absolutely are doing it. It’s that fast. It’s that instantaneous. And it’s that simple of a vision again, that God is giving you that he needs you to live it out.


Yes. And that’s the other thing is to pay close attention to everything that you’re getting hit with in your intuition, just, you know, don’t doubt it. I used to doubt everything. I used to get intuitive hits and visions and little jolts of excitement about certain ways I wanted to live and things I wanted to have. Then I’d always just downplay it and be like, well, that’s not in the cards for me. You know, I’m not worthy of having those things. You are, everyone is. And so you know, same with healing like healing my body.  I totally believed part of me in the very beginning, believed I’m not worthy enough to heal my body. Maybe I’m not worthy enough of, you know, achieving all the success of the people that I see that I know I, you know, want to be like, right. My role models. And that’s not true. I’m well on my way now to having all of those things. And that’s not just me, I’m nothing special by any means. I’m just regular old Sidney. And so I’m just telling you, like all of these dreams and goals, you have go after them one step at a time, put them in a vision board, put them up on your wall, look at them every day and you will have them


Absolutely put them. I mean, like, what do you have to lose? You know what I mean? Like, try it, try it. I mean, it has worked for Sidney. It’s worked for me. I haven’t talked about this today, but I mean, I am living two years into leaving my corporate job. I’m living the exact life that I wanted to live. And I it’s just like somebody pinched me because it’s all happening for me. And it’s all unfolding in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined like ways that I couldn’t have even wrapped my head around. Right. And it all comes back to me having the foresight and having the confidence and the commitment to follow through on the vision to create it and to follow through on it. And you absolutely can do it too. Absolutely.


Another piece is not focusing on the how. That’s where a lot of people get screwed up is that they put these vision boards up and they’re like, yeah, of course I want that, you know, beautiful house, that beautiful boat or that healthy body, but I have no idea how to get there. Trust me, if you set the intention and you put it out there, you will find a way because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between, like Sara said reality and not reality. It just sees where you’re putting in it, whatever you feed it, it’s going to know. So feed it, things that are all in line with what you want and where you want to be, where you want to go. Absolutely.


Absolutely. All you have to do, it’s really that simple as just pay attention to the, to the download, create the vision and just take one step


One small step one time. All right. Awesome. Well, thank you, Sara. Again, thank you so much for coming on my podcast. And that’s a wrap for today,


Thank you so much for having me Sidney. I am just humbled and honored and so excited to have been a part of this. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you all for listening. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community.


Thanks so much Sara. All right, guys, we will catch you on the next episode. Thank you so much

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